The origin of the Hoysalas is a matter of much interesting speculation and controversy. Like their distinguished contemporaries, the Seunas, the Hoysalas too claim their descent from Yadu (Lunar Dynasty) and call themselves the Yadavas. The conventional titles like, "Yadavanarayana", "Yadavakutambrad-yumani" and "Dvaravatipura-varadhisvara" are common to both the Seunas and the Hoysalas. These details are compiled from internet and by various sources by the Blogger over the years.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pralaya-Varahanatha Swami Temple, Varahanatha Kallahalli, Krishnarajapete Teluk

Gigantic Pralaya Varahantha temple situated at Kalahalli, Krishnarajpet taluk is of Hoysala times. The Pralaya Varaha is 15 feet tall and Bhoo Devi is 3.5 feet and is seated in his left thigh. Mandya district is home to several ancient Vaishnava temples, mostly linked to the Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya. While some such as Srirangapattana, Melukote, Maddur and Nagamangala are popular with temple tourists, there are quite a few temples waiting to be discovered. One such temple is located in the obscure village of Kalahalli.

But, getting to Kalahalli itself is no mean task, for one has to make several stops to ask the locals for directions. After driving past River Hemavathi, surrounded by paddy fields and grazing cows, one finally finds a simple white structure which, on first glance, can fool the visitor into thinking that it is an ordinary temple.

There are neither stone sculptures like the ones found in the Hoysala temples of Somnathpur and Belur, nor the red-white paint on the walls that mark most South Indian temples. Yet, the simple structure contains something worth a look, a sight not seen in most temples. This rare sight is a 15 ft high black stone image of one of Lord Vishnu's lesser known incarnations, Bhoovaraha or the third avatar where the Lord appeared as a boar to rescue Mother Earth from the demon Hiranyaksha.

Only a few temples in India are dedicated to Lord Vishnu's Varaha avatar, mainly because the other incarnations of Narasimha, Rama and Krishna are more popular.

According to history, the image in this temple was installed by sage Gautama over 2,000 years ago and is under the management of the Parakal Math. The image has Lord Bhoovaraha with Bhoomidevi seated on his left leg. The conch and discus in the deity's hands are quite different in design from sculptures in other temples. The moolamoorthi is Salagrama Shila and the moorthi has Sudarshana Chakra on the back.

Due to the image's towering height, a wooden plank is placed in front of the deity to enable the temple's only priest to attend to dressing and offering flowers. A small Hanuman sculpture too sits under the Bhoovaraha image.

A visit to this temple is truly a step back in time, a time when people visited temples only to think of and glorify God.

To get to Kalahalli, one has to first get to Krishnarajpet, which is about 53 km from Mysore. From there, proceed to Vittalapura, which is 8 km away.

Continue driving straight down the road, till you pass Kattahalli. Kalahalli is 2 km from Kattahalli.

Birth star of deity is Revathy a major festival is organized on the day of appearance of Varaha - Masika Revathy (1008 Kalasa Abhishekam). Rivers in proximity are Cauvery, Hemavathi, Guptavahini. Temple timing: 10 am to 5 pm.


  1. please give details of root ware we reatch this temple from bangalore

  2. from bangalore, reach pandavapura by train or bus.
    from here, ask for aaratiukkada and from there, ask for bannangaadi.
    from here, ask for ballenahalli.
    after half a kilometer, u reach machagonahalli.
    here, u take turn to left. u will reach ganjigere in about 6 km. from here, u ask for varahanatha temple 1 & 1/2 kms away..

    also, another route from pandavapura, ask for chinakurali. from here, go to bookinakere.
    here, ask for ganjigere and from there to kallahalli.
    both are of almost the same distance, though first route is preferrable

  3. it is located in K R Pete taluk kallahalli, from bangalore it is 190kms, from k r pete its just 20 kms. nice visiting place for family it,s a powerful god must see

  4. To get to Kalahalli, one has to first get to Krishnarajpet, which is about 53 km from Mysore. From there, proceed to Vittalapura, which is 8 km away.

    Continue driving straight down the road, till you pass Kattahalli. Kalahalli is 2 km from Kattahalli.

  5. (1). From Bangalore- reach Mandya -after Mandya towards mysore- look on right side of Highway for padavapura road sign board. Turn and reach padavapura, continue to drive staright through pandavapura- keep going straight(enquiry too) to reach gangigere- Take left after the KSRTC Bus Stop of gangigere-about 2 KM is the Varadaswamy temple(from Mandya about 65 KM)

    (2). Mysore- Srirngapattana- Bangalore Mysore Highway to-wards banglore look for padavapura Signboard on the leftside about one and half KM from srirangapattana- Take deviation from bangalore mysore Highway towards padavapura-reach Padavapura Railway station( crossing)-drive towards Chinakurali(25KM from srirangapattana)- Takeleft turn at chinakurali to Bookanakere(9 Km)-Driveleft at Bookanakere-pass by HP petrol bunk and drive to Machoganahalli(5Km)- take left turn to reach Gangigere(7KM)- Turn left at gangigere to varnad Kallahalli-VaradaSwamy Temple(2KM).

  6. Very good information and detailed route directions..I got what I was looking for. Thank you.

  7. how to go by train

  8. Gnanapiran divya thiruvadigalle sharanam.

    Also there is a famous Yagna Varaha Swamy temple in the district of Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh. The temple is run as per the tenets of Vaikhansa Agama as followed in Tirumala, Tirupathi. One can visit the website for more details.

  9. hi temple now now build at sthapathy.devaraj .a.

  10. Anyone from Bangalore, Please share some history details of this place, also, any contact numbers of this temple.
    I needed a photograph of the diety as well.

    1. contact this person sri shinevasaragavan 9448011535

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  12. MYSORE (19 kms)--> SRI RANGAPATNA (1.5 Km)---> BANGALORE-MYSORE Highway towards BANGALORE (Signboard on the left hand side way to PANDAVAPURA (11 kms )) ---> PANDAVAPURA (After crossing PANDAVAPURA Railway station (14 kms))--> CHINAKURULI (take a left turn@ CHINAKURULI (9 Kms)) --> BOOKANAKERE (takeleft @ BOOKANAKERE (5 kms))-----> MACHOGANA HALLI (take left turn (7Kms))---->GANJIGERE (take left turn (2 kms))---> KALLAHALLI (Pralaya Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple)

  13. FROM (BANGALORE-MYSORE Highway towards MYSORE) BANGALORE--> MANDYA (Signboard on the Right hand side way to PANDAVAPURA) --> PANDAVAPURA --> GANJIGERE (take left turn (2 kms))---> KALLAHALLI (Pralaya Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple)

  14. Its a magnificent idol and as you enter the temple you will feel that positive energy and you will be stunned to see the gigantic idol with bhoodevi. The timings of the temple is morning 8.00 am to 2.00 pm and evening 4.00 pm to its better you make arrangements for food as you dont get any hotels there or nearby town. But on Sundays prasada will be given.

  15. Sri Bhoo Devi Varahanatha Swamy Temple Or Pralaya-Varahaswamy Temple

    The idol of Bhoo Varahaswamy is Third Avatar of Lord Vishnu, appeared as a Boar to Rescue Goddness Bhoodevi(Mother Earth) from the Demon Hiranyakshap this idol is 15 feet tall carved in Saligram Shila. Distance -18 km from KR pete,32 km from Pandavapura,45 km from Mandya ,Around 50 km from Mysore,Around 170 km from Bangalore. Time 10 am to 5 pm Buses to Gangilkere from there Two km Kalahalli by walk or some passing vehicle to temple,from KRS -Brindavan Garden straght raod,Nora Bank,Hosa Kannambadi left,banamgali small circle left,madavannahalli circle left,Belennehalli circle right,Gangi gere to kalahalli sri Varahaswamy temple.

  16. How is Pralay Varahswamy murti different than Aadhi Varahswamy murti in Tirumala?