The origin of the Hoysalas is a matter of much interesting speculation and controversy. Like their distinguished contemporaries, the Seunas, the Hoysalas too claim their descent from Yadu (Lunar Dynasty) and call themselves the Yadavas. The conventional titles like, "Yadavanarayana", "Yadavakutambrad-yumani" and "Dvaravatipura-varadhisvara" are common to both the Seunas and the Hoysalas. These details are compiled from internet and by various sources by the Blogger over the years.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Padmanabha Temple (1250 A.D), Hosa Budanuru, Mandya Taluk, Mandya District.

Padmanabha Temple built in 1250 A.D is an Ekakootachala, one celled temple raised on a stellate parapet. The main cell houses a fine image of Padmanabha (one of the 24 forms of Maha Vishnu). The unique feature of the form is that the Lord holds Padma in upper right hand and Chakra in the upper left. The lower right hand holds Gada and the lower left has Shanka.

How to reach: On Bangalore- Mysore road, about 3 Kms before reaching Mandya take a right turn to Hosa Budanuru.

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