The origin of the Hoysalas is a matter of much interesting speculation and controversy. Like their distinguished contemporaries, the Seunas, the Hoysalas too claim their descent from Yadu (Lunar Dynasty) and call themselves the Yadavas. The conventional titles like, "Yadavanarayana", "Yadavakutambrad-yumani" and "Dvaravatipura-varadhisvara" are common to both the Seunas and the Hoysalas. These details are compiled from internet and by various sources by the Blogger over the years.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chandramouleshwara Temple, Garuda Nagari, Arasikere Taluk Hassan District.

On the lonely hillock to the north of the Hirekallugudda (near the town of Garudanagari) there is a fort of stonewalls belonging to the age of the Nayaks. In this Giri Durga (invincible hill station) there are a few temples. The hill peak is suitable for mountaineering. The fort has two walls of different ages. This is the right place for studying the art of constructing forts that was being practiced in this State of Karnataka. The place is 12 kms from Banavara on the road towards Panchanahalli.

Garudanagiri, a scenic hill in Arsikere taluk of Hassan District, has been propagating communal harmony and brotherhood among Hindus and Muslims for years. People from both the communities offer prayers at a temple here. The Chandramouleshwara Temple at Garudanagiri is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim amity. One portion of it has a resemblance of a mosque and the other of a temple. There is a tree here called "Putrajaji Vriksha". Except Bababudangiri in Chikmagalur District, nowhere in the State this tree could be found. There is a tomb of a yogi, which is being worshiped by Hindus and Muslims.

Garundanagiri, a hill fort that is 3,680 ft. above the mean sea level, is 27 km. from Arsikere and 69 km. from Hassan. It was originally called Nonabanakal, but assumed the present name on being fortified in 1660 by the rulers of Mysore for the protection of forests on the other side. In 1770, it was occupied by the Marathas under Trayambak Mama, but was resorted to the rulers of Mysore later. After the fall of Tipu Sultan, it was taken over by the British. But the people of the region have different stories to prove that the place promoted amity between Hindus and Muslims. Garundanagiri is also a hill climber's paradise. The fort here resembles a "Garuda" and because of this, it was named Garudanagiri.

The fort has a history of 400 years. The "Elu Suttina Kote" here has been a puzzle for historians and engineers. The fort and its environs have made the place a major tourist spot although it lacks facilities.

It is said Garuda, a bodyguard of Vishnuvardhana Raya, Hoysala King, built the fort. Later, Madakari Nayaka and Palegar of Tarikere Sarja, Hanumantha Nayaka, ruled Garudanagiri.

The "Elu Suttina Kote" with cannons and small windows narrates the rise and fall of empires in Gardudanagiri to the visitors. There is a tank and a Chandramouleswara Temple constructed by Hyder Ali. Along with the Chandramouleswara Temple, there are Swamy Lingeswara and Nonaba Lingeswara temples.


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