The origin of the Hoysalas is a matter of much interesting speculation and controversy. Like their distinguished contemporaries, the Seunas, the Hoysalas too claim their descent from Yadu (Lunar Dynasty) and call themselves the Yadavas. The conventional titles like, "Yadavanarayana", "Yadavakutambrad-yumani" and "Dvaravatipura-varadhisvara" are common to both the Seunas and the Hoysalas. These details are compiled from internet and by various sources by the Blogger over the years.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pattabhirama Temple, Ramanathapura, Arakalgudu Taluk, Hassan District.

This is a nice place of pilgrimage on the bank of the Cauvery situated in a pleasant peaceful environment. The Hoysalas' style Rameswara Temple can be found here along with five other temples. The name of the town has however been derived from the famous Pattabhirama Temple of this place. Rudrapattana situated near this town is supposed to be the abode of classical musicians. The temple also excels in artistic sculpture. Besides the finely carved pillars inside, the ornate gopura and intricately latticed walls with rows of parakeets above mantapas are eye-catching. Walk behind the temple to the western side and the wide steps lead to the river. The familiar sight here is the children offering beaten rice and groundnuts for fish in the water. A stretch of one km each on either side has been declared a protected zone and fishing is banned.

Gorur Yoga Narasimha Temple:

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